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WAY OF THE FREQ (Trap Edition) [Instrumental]

Papito Red Music (193428496354)

Instrumental album that invites you to traveling layers of melodic synths, modern electronic moods with sharp trap drums and deep 808's.

Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap: Bass Trap Music


Ft. Prodigio Claudio

Papito Red Music

Taking you back to the Puerto Rican mountain melodies in this Latin Gospel  song re-released by original singer songwriter Cesar Munoz Loiz

Genre: Latin Gospel / Puerto Rican Folk

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Papito Red Portrait_edited.jpg

Euphoric synth-play and ambient, immersive arrangements uniquely intertwine with the rhythm and presence of Reggaeton, Electronic, Trap and other Latin musical origins, as PAPITO RED aims high with uninhibited originality.  An electronic producer born of the thriving Puerto Rican music community of Chicago, PAPITO RED brings an air of eclecticism and passion to the modern dance realm.  Boasting skills in production, publishing, mixing, remixing, voice and composition, PAPITO RED’s unique background in Latin Gospel Singing, alongside a musically blessed family, has undoubtedly elevated his journey as a creative.  Exposed to all aspects of music from an early age, PAPITO’s evolution has showcased versatility yet been forever rooted amidst the values of community and family.


From choosing to study abroad in his parent’s homeland, to obtaining a degree in Communications, PAPITO’s well-travelled story has seen him spend twelve years immersed in visual arts and music production, before his ultimate return (2002) to the artistic helm of Chicago.

Fast Forward 17 years >>>

Uniting passion, precision and unwavering work ethic, PAPITO RED’s debut album ‘Way Of The Freq (Trap Edition) {Instrumental}’ offers ten soaring original tracks, each one skillfully crafted yet emotionally connected to the changing environments of his past. The project blends elements of hip hop, rap and bass trap, featuring travelling layers of melodic synths, contemporary electronic moods, and sharp rhythms entwined with deep 808s. Designed to break down the barriers between the various sub-genres of electronic music, the PAPITO RED sound reaches out with vastness and intimacy combined. Backed by years of experience and commitment to the art-form, his unparalleled and organic approach delivers the essential escapism of cinematic, vibrant soundscapes, that are all at once impressive and composed from the heart. 


  • Mixed/Edited "Caguas Live Concert" album -1995

  • Composed & produced instrumentals for the "J-Squad" album, P.R. -1998

  • Choreographed for internationally known merengue star Edwin Rivera (RF Music) in his hit video "Quiereme" to introduce to the Caribbean a dance known today as the "Quema Quema"

  • Vocal arranger and member of live touring Puertorican R&B/Pop group "JUST-US" (ShakeDown Productions)

  • Television appearances "Just Us" @ Televicentro P.R. "Medio Dia Puerto Rico" (ShakeDown Productions) -2002,  2002 Performance 26th International Aids Awareness Vigil, hosted by Denise Quinones (Miss Universe 2001) and all the Miss Universe 2002 candidates among other shows, awards and presentations in Puerto Rico

  • CHICAGO Winner of the "Best Unsigned Reggaeton Artist 2005" sponsored by Pepsi for Power 92 FM -2005  

  • Performed at the Latin Billboard/Afterparty (South Beach, FL) -2006 

  • Album release "DJ PAPITO RED: El Mas Esperado" -2006,  Song "Yo te Le Mando", featured in the new Carlos Portugal film, EAST SIDE STORY. -2006

  • Record deal with EsNtion Records -2006

  • Presentation @ FIESTA SALSA / Comcast -2005

  • Nationwide EsNtion Records Tour with  Luny Tunes Mas Flow 2 featured artist Baby Ranks - 2006, 

  • "GUSTASO LATINO ESTATE 2007" Official Compilation album - Fiesta Festival ROMA 2007 by Masur Naziri


  • Music Production credit for "Jóvenes Apóstoles"(Reggaetón Remix) for album "Reinventando el Amor"/World Library Publications

  • Jingle/Writer production credit for Media Magik Entertainment - 2013

  • Music Production credit for Colombian female Latin-Pop artist "Eliana La Colombiana" - (Single Release) Hoy Estamos De Fiesta - Eliana "La Colombiana" Ft. Andy Peréz

  • Album Release "Way Of The Freq" [Trap Edition] (Instrumental) - 2019



Currently producing for various indie talents internationally and aspiring to work with

talented indie film and gaming artist.


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